Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

3D printing service

Tool-less manufacturing

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Cost-effective components

Selective laser sintering is ideal for producing functional parts and small series of high-quality plastic parts.

SLS 3D Printing Service


In this type of 3D printing, fine plastic powder is used. There are several different starting materials, which are usually white or black and can be dyed afterwards. The plastic powder is applied in a thin layer on the build platform with the help of a doctor blade. The platform is then lowered in small increments, and the laser beam fuses the powder layer by layer through the predetermined exposure. This process continues, with a new layer of powder being applied by the doctor blade after melting, until the component is completed. Post-processing using tumbling or irradiation is possible.

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Selective Laser Sintering – Materials

  • PA 2200 Polyamide

    This material is characterized by its strength, rigidity, and good chemical resistance. Parts made from it are also biocompatible and certified for contact with food.

  • PA 3200 GF Polyamide filled

    This is a polyamide powder filled with glass beads, which offers high stiffness along with good elongation at break. Parts made from it are also thermally resistant and wear-resistant. It is used in vehicles in the engine area as well as in deep-drawing tools as a molding material.

  • TPU 1301 Thermoplastic Elastomer

    Components made from this material have good wear resistance and resilience. They are also hydrolysis-resistant. The flexibility can be influenced by the design and process parameters, and it can also vary within the component.