Customer Orientation

Through our precision and quality, we execute orders as your partner with utmost trust to achieve your highest satisfaction.

Working Method

We accompany your project from the idea to the finished prototype and aim to implement an optimal solution for all areas in collaboration with you.

In-House Process Chain

Design, manufacturing, assembly, and sampling all take place in-house, making us independent, flexible, and fast.

Modern Machinery

In our modern machine park, we use advanced injection molding machines as well as precision CNC machining centers.


The philosophy of Hansemold is characterized by three core values: Quality, Innovation, and Partnership. Quality is our top priority. We always strive for the highest precision in our work to meet our customers’ expectations.

Innovation drives us to explore new technologies and processes to provide our customers with the best solutions. We are flexible and adapt to changing requirements to achieve optimal results.

Partnership is the key to our success. We don’t just see ourselves as service providers but as reliable partners to our customers. Our collaboration is characterized by trust, openness, and a shared pursuit of success. At Hansemold, we are committed to living this philosophy in every project and consistently delivering the highest quality and service to our customers.

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Hamburg harbor

„Go for it“

When North Germans have a concrete plan, there is no more hesitation, and unnecessary time is not wasted.

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